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About Us

The Beginning of Thai Manna

This was not part of the plan

Travelling Thailand

When presented with the opportunity to travel through Thailand with a group of friends; learning the cuisine and building a business was honestly the very last thing on my mind.  A year later I met a boy (THE boy), I made him dinner and was able to woo him with what little I knew about Thai food at that time.  We eventually took a year off together to go travelling where we spent 4 months on the Big Island in Hawaii picking coffee on an organic coffee farm then returned to SE Asia where we backpacked through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Food

It was amazing.  Everywhere we went, whether it was a restaurant tucked away in a small village or a little stall on wheels where the makeshift dinner spots were made from plastic tables and buckets for chairs.
I came from a small town, meat and potatoes kind of family and when I moved to Calgary I tried a lot of Asian foods but there was nothing that could compare to what I was experiencing in Thailand.  I wanted to know everything. 

Pieces of the puzzle

I loved to cook.  I loved to cook for people and would find any reason to have a dinner party.   The gratification from complements for a well made meal inspired and motivated me.  It sounds a little silly I’m sure, but I don’t care.  I loved it.

..and then it all happened..

One Christmas (after a wedding, house and first baby with that boy) I came up with the idea of making these little makeshift dinner buckets for some friends for Christmas.  They’d all been to my place for dinner several times and I thought it would be a fun gift to give them the tools to woo someone else.
After hearing how those went over the ideas started to fly.  We’d been to Millarville Farmers Market many times, I remember feeling a surge of excitement on the drive out there.  I loved everything about the market from picking up my coffee for the country drive out there, to getting home and making my first dinner from all the fresh ingredients and goods we picked up.  Imagine a life where you could be there all the time.
I was too late with my application for that season (and maybe a little relieved, it was pretty intimidating after all).  I called about a month later to ask about the Christmas market and was lucky enough to reach the market manager. She’d asked about my product and after a short discussion she wanted to know why she didn’t have us in her Summer Market.  We met a week later and she helped me piece together the last few items I needed to be a vendor that Summer!