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We’d love to help your school, sports team or youth group
reach their fundraising goals.  

Option #1 

We have joined forces with Teamfund to even further our fundraising reach.  If you’re a larger group looking to raise funds without all the administrative work that comes from organizing a big fundraiser they’re a great company to work with.  Build and combine your fundraiser with the choice of 15 different vendors.  You’ll get a website, a store, online ordering, online payments and real time monitoring.  Full details on their website.

Option #2

Work directly with us: Get in touch with us to create a customized order sheet for your group, take as much time as you need sending the forms out with your troops, once we have them in hand we’ll need 1-2 weeks (depending on time of year) to get your orders together.  We’ll discuss an agreed upon delivery date, time and location that best suits your distribution plan.
You will be selling our kits at the same price that we do and your team takes 25% of the total sales (there are no additional charges, delivery charges or fee’s etc.).  
Cheques from your customers should be made out to you and your organization would write a cheque made out to Thai Manna for the remaining 75%, to be picked up at delivery.  We know that every organization is a little different and we can usually work with your processes as needed.

How we pack your orders

We suggest you stick with the large curry kits and our pad thai but the option is there to sell our complete line if you prefer.  Perishables can be packed separately to ensure your orders can fit easily into a refrigerator if there is a period of time between delivery and pickups.

If your students and/or customers will be picking up the orders you can opt to have the orders packed by customer and students name. 

Our goal is to make the distribution process as easy as possible for your team.  Our contact info is always made easily available for your students and customers if they have any questions at all.

Get in touch with us to make some plans!


Good Morning Michelle,

I just wanted to send you a message to say YOU ROCK! I have done a MILLION (maybe not that many but feels like it ;) fundraisers and YOU were the BEST. It was SO nice how organized you were and how everything was ready to go which made it easier all around for everyone involved. THANK YOU!  

Take care, Julie Chafer (Queen Elizabeth High School)